6 thoughts on “Our Community Blog

  1. Spring is my favorite season. Spring is when everything wakes up from a long winters nap. Flowers and trees show us a color palette only God could create. Fall is a close second with the carpet of color we see across the hills.

  2. Today is 8 December. It is gently snowing outside. We have a dusting in some areas. Possibility of 2-3 inches up here.

  3. I’d love to see some pictures. Either here or on the Facebook page. They said 1-3″ in Charlotte. Got nothing.

  4. My favorite months have got to be a tie between the month of October and April. I love the spring with all the leaves growing back and the pop of color, but I absolutely love the fall colors as well. By the time October rolls around, I am so ready to escape the heat down here in Florida.

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